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Goldmyer Hot Springs is a gem of the wilderness found nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, roughly 25 miles east of North Bend, WA.

Visiting Goldmyer is a wilderness experience and guests are expected to pack in all necessary supplies for their journey.

Amenities provided to visitors by Goldmyer are limited, but include an open-air cabana at the hot spring pools, campsites with food hanging lines and containers, two stocked outhouses, two public picnic tables, and a bike rack.

Visitors gain access to rugged wilderness terrain, hiking trails through old growth forest, beautiful waterfalls, and a crystal clear natural geothermal hot spring.

Goldmyer is owned and managed by Northwest Wilderness Programs, a nonprofit organization established in 1976 to protect this treasure of the wilderness for the use of generations to come.

Access Report Updated at least every Wednesday evening

July 16, 2014

Forest Passes will soon be required at the Dingford Creek trail-head, when we know more we will update our information. Until then contact Goldmyer office or the local Forest Service if you have any questions.

For the Drive:

As always potholes will be deep and numerous during your drive on the 18 mile, un-maintained dirt road. High clearance vehicles like a truck or large SUV are recommended. It is NOT recommended to bring cars and sedans on this road (i.e. low clearance vehicles) doing so means you place your vehicle at risk. Keep the speed slow and take it easy on this very rough road.

Ensure there is plenty of tread on you tires as sharp rocks may cause flats. Bring a saw or axe in case a tree drops over the road and blocks your way out of the valley (there are currently some hangers and this is the time of year when we see the most trees down)!

Keep in mind that conditions are always unpredictable in the valley, be sure to monitor weather conditions long before (at least one week) your expected arrival.

Remember, there is no cell phone coverage for the last 25 miles of your journey (shortly after exiting I-90).

For the hike:

Although conditions continue to dry, you can still expect some lingering puddles and water crossings on your hike in. We recommend waterproof footwear. For those choosing to hike the Middle Fork Trail keep in mind that Thunder creek is still somewhat high with snow melt. Expect primitive bridging (a log across the creek) on a few fords along the trail. As of June 1st, mountain biking on this trail is an option (on odd calendar days only) for experienced bikers but could make for a challenging ride.

Appropriate waterproof gear should always be in your pack or on your person. Check the weather and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Keep in mind that clear skies do not necessarily correlate to dry ground and no rain.

For Campers:

Camping overnight at Goldmyer always means being the most prepared for poor weather conditions.

Know that conditions change rapidly this time of year, always be prepared!

- For the latest forecast, check out the Weather page.
- To see what days have openings, take a look at the Reservation Calendar.