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The Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs is a gem of the wilderness nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, roughly 25 miles east of North Bend, WA.

Venturing on the 4.5 mile hike from the trailhead to the 20 acre wilderness preserve is a backcountry experience where guests must be self-supported and able to pack in (and out) all necessary supplies.

Amenities provided are very limited, they include an open-air cabana at the hot spring pools, campsites with food hanging lines and containers, three stocked outhouses, two picnic tables, and a bike rack. No cellular or internet connection available.

Visitors gain access to rugged terrain, hiking trails through old growth forest, beautiful waterfalls, a rich history of the Middle Fork Valley, and a crystal clear geothermal hot spring.

Goldmyer is owned and managed by Northwest Wilderness Programs, a nonprofit organization established in 1976 to protect this natural treasure for the use of generations to come.

Pricing Adjustments

Effective May 1st, we will be increasing our day use prices for June lottery dates and walk-ins (May lottery applications will retain current prices). All revenue goes directly to the cost of responsibly staffing our office and on-site caretaker positions with quality individuals, and maintaining fair wages for our employees. Other costs include the continued physical maintenance of the property, and a long overdue update of our website and internal systems. The leadership from our Board of Directors and maintenance work hours on the property continues to be all volunteer time.

Adult day use will be $30 per individual, and Tuesday exclusive use slots will be $240 regardless of the number of people in your group. Children 17 and under are still free, Seniors still get a $5 discount, and camping is still $10 per adult, or a $50 flat fee for Tuesday evening groups. Scout Troops and Youth Groups will continue to be free! If the cost of visiting is prohibitive for you, please call the office to discuss options.

Access Report Updated at least every Wednesday evening

All visitors (over 12 years old) must show proof of COVID vaccination at check in. No exceptions (at this time, we cannot accept a negative test instead).


The calendar shows available openings for the current month.
  • Walk-ins are first come, first serve. If we're full for the day, you'll be turned away.
  • Same day walk-ins must have exact cash payment on the premises.
  • You may call the office to request and pre-pay for spots at least 2 business days (M-F) before your intended visit.
  • If it's less than 2 business days prior, we cannot reserve a spot and you'll need to attempt as a walk-in.

May 20, 2022:

IT IS STILL COLD IN THE MOUNTAINS: temperatures can be low 40s to mid 30s at night and 40-50 during the day.


  • HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE VEHICLES (9” clearance) with AWD/4WD can make it to the trailhead (Subarus can make it, but visitors say they wish they'd driven a larger vehicle).
  • There are often obstacles such as potholes, rock scree, tree limbs, and washouts you'll have to navigate.
  • The drive from the exit on the Forest Service road can take over an hour to the trailhead.
  • The hike from the trailhead is 4.5 miles each way (~10 miles round trip).
  • The hike takes people ~2-3 hours one way.
  • Mountain biking takes 1/2 the time of hiking.

TRAVEL TIME is 4 hrs (each way) from Seattle/Tacoma area. This includes DRIVING + HIKING because check in is on the property, not at the trailhead.

USE THE DIRECTIONS THAT WERE EMAILED TO YOU. Do not rely on GPS or other apps (even hiking apps), they may send you a different route!

Please monitor local weather conditions (North Bend, Middle Fork Valley, Snoqualmie Pass, etc). Goldmyer is at about 2,000 ft elevation.

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