Weather Data + Forecasting

Variable Conditions

  • The weather can change quickly in the Middle Fork Valley, please come prepared!
  • From about mid-November until mid-January the weather in the Snoqualmie Middle Fork Valley is variable; from an occasionally "dry" day, to showers and non-stop rain, to rain during the day turning to snow overnight, to rain on snow, to snow showers or snow dumps, to flooding.
  • Around mid-January temperatures tend to stabilize and snow can start accumulating.
  • Most years a section of deep snow 10-15 miles from Goldmyer (5-10 miles the trailhead) makes access tricky.
  • The snow in this area tends to be wet and heavy.
  • Be sure to consult the weekly access report for the latest conditions.

Vehicle Requirements + Preparation

  • During winter, ONLY high clearance vehicles with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive.
  • Be sure to have snow chains, shovel, flashlights, extra food, and warm gear, and at least a bow saw or axe so you aren't left helpless should a tree drop on the road.
  • Keep track of your mileage so if you're stopped by snow you will be able to determine if it is reasonable to continue on foot or turn around and head home.
  • Do note that even high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles with chains on all 4 tires are sometimes stopped by snow before the trailhead.
  • Be wary if it is snowing during your journey as the road conditions could be worse for your way out!