Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

January 21st, 2018:


**Heavy Rain and wind this weekend**

With chances of strong wind, there's a possibility of trees down over the road. Use exceptional caution, bring emergency tools in vehicle. Bring adequate waterproof gear.

There is currently no snow or ice on the road, property, or trail.

The road to the trail head is passable by High Ground Clearance Vehicles (Truck or LARGE SUV). Don't attempt the trip if you do not have a vehicle suitable for the very rough road.

Subarus and other small SUVs are NOT suitable for this season.

The alternative Middle Fork trail to access to Goldmyer is NOT RECOMMENDED. There are multiple difficult/dangerous creek crossings. The foot log crossing Burntboot Creek was damaged beyond use in the October flood event. This creek is often to deep and swift to wade!!

  • Make a RESERVATION before planning your visit. Walking in without a reservation is NOT recommended.
  • Monitor the WEATHER throughout the week approaching your visit.
  • Be PREPARED for the worst case scenario as conditions change quickly.
  • aprox. 5 mile HIKE each way from the trail head (2 hrs of hiking each way). Sunset is 4:15 - 4:45 pm in winter months.