Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

Check the forecast prior to your visit and plan accordingly.

National weather service - North Bend

Middle Fork Valley Weather Information

Goldmyer is open year round in all weather conditions.

We will not refund a reservation due to undesirable weather.

February 20, 2024:


AWD or 4WD and 8 - 9 inches of ground clearance.


No snow on road. Some water-filled potholes.

Be prepared with saw, axe, or chainsaw to clear downed trees/tree debris from road for access.

Forest Service road to the trailhead can take a minimum of 1 hour to drive. It is unpaved with soft shoulders and limited pull-offs. Expect potholes, ruts, rocks, dips, branches, water, and slush.

Trees can fall across the road and trail at any time.


No snow on trail or property. Some water-filled potholes on trail.

Waterproof boots recommended.

Dutch Miller Gap Trail is the recommended and most direct route (located past the big metal gate in the Dingford Creek trailhead parking lot.)
  • The hike is ~4.5 miles one-way at 200 ft elevation.
  • Plan for 2-3 hours each way.
  • Expect: rocks, ruts, potholes.
  • This route is open to mountain bikes year round.

Check-in is on the property after the hike not at the trailhead.

Important Notes:

The Middle Fork Valley is home to a variety of wildlife including bears and mountain lions. Many people never have an encounter, but visitors to Goldmyer should educate themselves. Information available via US Forest Service website here, here, and here.

There is no cell or internet service. Be smart and only drive as far as seems safe. Anticipate hiking farther.

We cannot make reservations for same-day and next-day visitors. If there are openings on the calendar, same-day and next-day visitors must attempt as walk-ins. Walk-ins have no guarantee of entry and are first come, first served. Walk-ins pay caretakers on property in exact cash.

We do not operate a waitlist. If a day reads FULL on the calendar then we are booked to capacity.

Access to Goldmyer is limited to 20 people per day in order to preserve the wilderness environment and avoid over-use.