Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

** Updated May 19, 2017 **

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Snow melt-off along with rainfall means there is high water, especially at the washouts, along the Middle Fork Road and hiking trail. Check reports and use caution.

~ HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLES are ALWAYS BEST ~ Subarus and other small SUVs have been known to get stuck or damaged due to potholes. There are thousands of potholes! Please don't attempt the trip if you do not have a vehicle suitable for the very rough road. In general, it takes 4 hours to reach the Goldmyer Property from Seattle, including both the drive and the hike.

The Middle Fork Road is now open 7 days a week to the Dingford Trailhead; however, please be advised that continued construction and weather may interfere with travel during summer months.

  • Visitors may be delayed waiting for construction vehicles Mondays - Fridays throughout the summer.
  • Make a RESERVATION before planning your visit.
  • Monitor the WEATHER throughout the week approaching your visit.
    • This time of year, it is unrealistic to expect dry weather. The mountains receive twice the rainfall as Seattle/Eastside. Expect and be prepared for rain.
  • Be PREPARED for the worst case scenario as conditions change quickly.


  • 15 miles of very rough Forest Service Road to reach the trail head (over 1 hour of driving).
  • Beyond the new pavement, it is VERY rough and potholed for aprox 8 miles.
  • A HIGH-GROUND-CLEARANCE vehicle with 4WD or AWD is necessary to reach the trail head (truck or SUV).
  • There's NO cell service or GPS shortly after exiting I-90.
  • In case you get stuck; have a spare tire, shovel, work gloves, a chainsaw for fallen trees, and a First Aid Kit.
  • NW Forest Pass is required to park at the trail head.


  • A HIGH-GROUND-CLEARANCE vehicle is necessary to drive to the trail head and parking area.
  • The recommended hiking route is fairly flat (4.5 miles each way).
  • Mountain bikers should use this route.