Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

  • We require that all visitors (over 12 yrs old) are vaccinated for the safety of our community.
  • Proof of vaccination is required at check-in. No exceptions.
  • Goldmyer is a Clothing Optional Hot Spring.
  • We are open with mixed groups in the pools and visitors will be soaking together.

December 4, 2021:


HIGH GROUND CLEARANCE VEHICLES (10-12" or more) with 4WD/AWD are NECESSARY. Small SUVs/CRVs are not suitable. Snow is possible next week.

This time of year, always travel with emergency tools for clearing debris from the road. Tree limbs frequently fall in heavy wind. Temperatures get down to low 30s at night.

TRAVEL TIME: Minimum of 4 hours travel (each way) from the Seattle/Tacoma area to the Goldmyer Property (2 hrs drive + 2 hrs hike). USE THE DIRECTIONS THAT WE EMAIL TO YOU (time frames are included). Do not use GPS or other resources: even offline apps like All Trails send you a different route!

ROAD: The road is drivable by Large, High-Ground-Clearance SUVs or Trucks (10-12" or more). APPROPRIATE VEHICLES are ESSENTIAL. Do NOT drive a regular car/sedan or small SUV/CRV. You will not make it to the trailhead! There are 18 miles of Forest Service road with no reception, 6+ miles are rough, unpaved road.

HIKE: Mandatory 4.5 mile hike (or bike) from the trailhead, each way, to the property on Forest Service trails. The trail is easy/moderate and is fairly flat. Mountain biking on the trail is easy. (We do not advise taking the Middle Fork trail due to trail conditions and un-bridged river crossings with high water).

SUNSET: Sunset is around 4:30 pm. Hiking in the dark is fine, but you must be prepared with proper flashlights or leave the Goldmyer property 2 hours before sunset.

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