If you're interested in learning more about hot springs or the Middle Fork Valley we think you'll enjoy exploring the following web sites.

Dreams in the Wilderness: Stories from the Middle Fork
A historical documentary about the Middle Fork Valley, including Goldmyer Hot Springs.

Snoqualmie Tribe: Ancestral Lands Movement
Spreading awareness of the Snoqualmie people who have lived in the southern Salish Sea region since time immemorial and providing information on how people can help the Tribe in respecting, restoring, and protecting these lands.

Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum
Saving the history of Snoqualmie Valley for future generations

Blog: Life at Goldmyer Hot Springs
A journal by former caretaker James B. about his six month experience of living at and caring for Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer on Facebook
Goldmyer Hot Springs Facebook group

Soakers Forum
Hot springs community forum

"Sand Point's first settler is William Goldmyer on September 5, 1868"

Middle Fork Campground
Located roughly 10 miles from Goldmyer Hot Springs

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
A nearby trail that traverses 2,650 mile from Mexico to Canada

North Bend
The city of North Bend, Washington