Job Opportunities

Hot Springs Caretaking - Basics

Northwest Wilderness Programs owns and operates Goldmyer Hot Springs, employing on-site caretakers year-round to ensure the preservation of the property and to facilitate positive guest experiences. Caretakers live on the property 24/7. Duties include check-in and management of our visitors as well as cleaning and maintenance of the facilities. Caretaking at Goldmyer provides a unique opportunity to live and work in one of the last remaining old-growth forested areas in the Pacific Northwest.

The position requires a two-person couple or team who have a time-tested and good working relationship. There is a small, off-grid cabin for the caretakers to live in (utilities provided). Each caretaking team will usually be hired for periods of about six months, typically from mid-April to mid-October (spring/summer shift, and vice versa for fall/winter), give or take a few weeks. Monthly paid vacation days to allow caretakers to re-supply or just get a break from the property are included.

Successful candidates . . .

  • Possess good people skills
  • Have a positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Have experience in customer service
  • Have a basic mechanical aptitude
  • Are self-motivated and willing to work hard
  • Are able to live in a remote (and sometimes isolated) mountainous setting
  • Have substantial experience living or recreating in off-grid and/or wilderness settings

Hot Springs Caretaking - Physical Requirements

Additionally, each candidate on the team needs to be . . .

  • Willing and able to make the one-mile (round trip) trek to check on hot springs and campground at least twice per day.
  • Able to scrub pools for two hours twice weekly
  • Able to push a loaded wheelbarrow ½ mile (one team member only okay)
  • Winter caretakers only (both team members):
    - Able to hike at least 10 miles with a loaded pack
    - Should feel comfortable doing the above in deep snow/on snowshoes or skis OR comfortable with/have appropriate gear to camp in the snow overnight
  • Summer caretakers only:
    - Both team members: able to hike or bike at least 5 miles
    - One team member: able to hike 10 miles with pack

*hiking requirements reflect minimum safety standards, not routine job requirements

Hot Springs Caretaking - Application Instructions

If you are interested in caretaking at Goldmyer Hot Springs or have questions about the job, please send us an email ( Applicants should include a cover letter (in the body of the email is fine) and both team members’ resume. In your cover letter, please address: why you are interested in the position, how you heard about the position, and whether or not you have visited Goldmyer. Please also confirm that you meet the physical requirements outlined above.

Substitute Caretaking

We also accept applications for substitute caretakers on an on-going basis. These are local couples or two-person teams who have been trained as caretakers and come in for 4-6 days at a time to cover caretaker vacation days. The basic requirements are the same as for our full-time caretakers; only the time commitment is different. Exceptions to the physical requirements for relief caretakers may also be possible.


  • Yes, caretakers may bring their well-behaved dog or cat. Other pets possible on a case-by-case basis. (It is a small space and there are large predators in the area.)
  • No, solo applicants will not be considered, nor can we pair you with another interested solo individual.
  • Yes, caretaking teams can consist of more than just romantic partners. Friends, family members, roommates, close co-workers, and other pairings can make for successful caretaking teams. The strongest applicants are those who have lived or worked closely together for at least one year.