Goldmyer is a minimally developed wilderness area. Northwest Wilderness Programs has been managing the property with the same minimum impact policies for over 45 years. The reason so many people find Goldmyer so beautiful is because of this long standing stewardship. We ask each visitor to do their part by being willing to adhere to the following minimum impact policies.

For the safety and enjoyment of all:

  • No smoking of any sort, illegal drugs, glass containers, dogs and other pets, or weapons on Goldmyer property.
  • Alcohol may be consumed only at campsites by overnight visitors.
  • Drunken or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Vaping is OK in campgrounds as an alternative to smoking.
  • No eating or soap in the hot spring area.
  • No camp fires or charcoal fires on the property.
  • Camping stoves are allowed only at campsites and picnic tables.
  • Camera use: respect the privacy of others, obtain consent. Do not take photos of people outside your group. No drones. No commercial photography.
  • Please respect the ancient forest wilderness by following the 7 Leave No Trace principles: pack-it in, pack-it out.
  • All visitors must ring the bell by the cabin to check-in and check-out with Goldmyer caretakers.
  • No groups larger than 8 people (multiple groups that know each other are considered a single group).