Reservation Lottery

  • A web based lottery submission system for coordinating reservations has been implemented to create a more efficient and equitable process for visiting Goldmyer Hot Springs.
  • Please only apply for the lottery and select days you know you can commit to.

  • If you win one of your application choices, your call-back will be determined by its placement in the month. An earlier date means a sooner call-back. A later date means a later call-back. Please hold your application dates open to help us efficiently book reservations.

  • If you are a Scout Troop or Youth Group Leader, please call the office to request a reservation. Do not enter the lottery.

How it Works

  • The online-only lottery application must be used to submit your reservation request (please call the office if you need assistance filling out the form, but make sure to contact us prior to the last day of the lottery month).
  • The lottery is not an online reservation system; it is a submission form only and does not guarantee a reservation.
  • A lottery drawing is held each month to determine a list of winners (see schedule below).
  • After lottery winners are drawn, recipients will be notified via email and reservations must be booked over the phone during office hours. Full payment via credit card will be required at this time.
  • If you are not available during our office hours, provide the contact information of a member of your party and we can book with them. We cannot make a reservation with a person who is not attending.
  • We cannot hold spots for more than one business day after you are notified.
  • Dates are filled chronologically. For example; if you apply for a date earlier in the month, you may receive an email to complete your reservation earlier in the call-back month.
  • Those not selected will be notified via email. If you are not contacted within the first 3-4 weeks of the callback month - it's likely you were not selected.
  • Any dates unfilled by the lottery will be listed on the main website reservation calendar and filled over the phone.

Schedule Example

January 1 - 31: Online lottery submissions open for March Reservations.

  • February: Office staff will make calls to March lottery winners.

February 1 - 28: Online lottery submissions open for April Reservations.

  • March: Office staff will make calls to April lottery winners.
March 1 - 31: Online lottery submissions open for May Reservations.
  • April: Office staff will make calls to May lottery winners.
April and Beyond: The process above will repeat indefinitely. Any changes to this process will be posted on this page.

Reservation Application Directions

  • You may enter the lottery for up to three different days and indicate interest in camping on certain days.
  • Wednesday - Monday, individuals and groups will be sharing the springs with other visitors. Goldmyer is a clothing optional hot springs and some visitors may choose to be nude. The changing area is also shared by all visitors. If you want a private use time slot for your group, you must choose a Tuesday (limited availability and different pricing).
  • Entering the same date three times does not increase your chances of obtaining a reservation for that date.
  • If changes need to be made to your lottery entry before it closes, you may access and edit your entry using the full name, email address, and phone number used to create your entry (must match exactly).
  • No changes may be made after the lottery has been drawn on the first of each month.
  • Weekends have higher demand; if you are able to visit during the week when there is less demand, your chances of obtaining a reservation will likely be higher.
  • Individuals may only have one reservation each month.
  • No camping available on Mondays due to cleaning schedule.
  • Groups are limited to 8 people (including adults and children).
  • Please have your total group size confirmed for call back. Due to capacity limits we may not be able to add members to your reservation at a later time.
  • Please indicate if you have a valid cancellation credit or volunteer vouchers with us in the "Special Instructions" box.

Lottery Calendar

  • The lottery calendar displays reservation spaces available for each day.
  • It also displays a running total of lottery requests for each day so demand is transparent.
  • The lottery calendar resets on the 1st of each month.
  • Chrome or Firefox web browser is recommended.


  • Day use and soaking (Wednesday - Monday):
    - $30 per adult (18 - 64)
    - $25 per senior (65+)
    - Children are free (0 - 17)
  • Camping (Wednesday - Sunday, no camping on Mondays):
    - Additional $10 per adult or senior
  • TUESDAYS - 4 hour Exclusive Use Time Slots
    - $240 per time slot (groups of up to 8 people)
    - Additional camping fee of $50 per group (only available with evening time slot)

Lottery Entry Form

Lottery Form