Access Report: Updated at least every Wednesday evening

March 20, 2019:

THE MIDDLE FORK ROAD IS CURRENTLY CLOSED BY THE SHERIFF DUE TO HEAVY SNOW. It will likely remain closed until the end of March.

**It is not advised to attempt the journey without extensive back country, mountaineering knowledge and experience.

The office is not making any new reservations in March.

All visitors, who boldly make it to the property by way of skis during the road closure, are expected to check-in with the caretakers and pay the admittance fee upon arrival.**

When the road opens, visitors will need a high-clearance vehicle with 4WD and chains for all 4 tires.

There is currently about 18" of SNOW on the road (which is not maintained), 3 foot snow drifts, and 3 feet on the property.

Snow melt-off increases the likelihood of flooding or mud slides in the area.

Please monitor the weather.

Do not use GPS! Follow the directions emailed to you with the reservation confirmation.